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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  January 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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blatt has been fired as cavaliers head coach. you have any thoughts as to what may have happened.. >> lots of questions about the play of kevin love, kyrie irving and lebron james and how it was coming together some concerns about that especially after the golden state game when they were blown out by the warriors,h they have since rebounded to one two straight including over a the clippers last night, the drudge report, david blatt is no longer the head coach of the cavaliersbl.
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shocking to many people. >> we were stunned to see the reports that he was> reportedly fired, we're getting ready for a rematch with the chicago bulls tonight, they're looking for the ranch and had just reached the halfway point of the season and the best record in the eastern conference and have fired their head coach. >> thank you p.j. ziegler. >> school district is shut down, and they are now distributing water to homeowners after tet showed elevated to lead levels.
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at the university of akron. >> this is a sabering ohio, and mahoning county, testing taking place today, under the watchful eye of epa, getting mixed signals people anxious to know what's going on with the water, the city manager said seven out of 40 samples tested showed elevated lead levels sufficient texting taking place . maybe slightly acidic from the treatment plant to insist that the water supply is not dangerous, many say that they're used to getting frequentsa boil alert and caution the first time that the school has been closed because of water.
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, we take a bath with a sabering water water and do our dishes but we don't drink >> under center lets you pay for water that you should be able to drink it, you pay a lot of money for water. >> it is a trace amount, it's not as if there are dangerous levels, who i understand it is compliance withw the ages exceeding what is considered normal for those particular samples.sha >> state senator and representative pressing concern, i believe that the tests were concerned that the epa is dragging its feet and allows local residents to drink possibly contaminated water for months without a heads up, say representatives want answers,
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answers. >> results of testing may not the testing may not be available until monday. >> howdy do snow plow wind up in the path of an airplane at hopkins airport, it happened sunday night but theret, was no tragedy coming the plane was able to get clear of the snow plow and take off,ge where does this investigation stand? >> the airport in faa investigating, something that the airport did not need because there have been problems with this type of thing before it happened sunday as they were clearing snowfall,su a 13 year veteran plow drivera took his truck onto off the runway without clarenceis right in front of a loaded passenger jet that was taken off, the airplane is able to clear the truck without an about an issue but this could
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szabo, airport commissioner says that the investigating. >> it seems that at this point he became disoriented and then i realized that he was moving into active runway area . in my mind. the plow driver is a 13 year veteran he has been here for quite a few years he has been put on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation,n frank szabo says are going to look at everything including their training he says that drivers just finished a training course about plowing the runways about a month ago. >> thank you roosevelt leftwich, the police investigating a carjacking that took place in ohio city just before noon today , but it has some detailed information, bill sheil, joins us.
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>> details about the car that was stolen including the license plate number .ls police were investigating and talking to witnesses when we arrived on the scene after the carjacking, 11:00 a.m., a young man approached a woman in the supermarket parking lot, taking her car,pa several bystanders triedby to intervene and one was hit by the car as the assailant drove away, it is a 2,003 silver honda, . if you have information, contact the police, the bystander who was hit is not seriously injured , he refused medical attention and walked away after giving police a statement.nd >> the place on the lookout for
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from church in mount they're making the person who took it to give it back,w bringing herself more. >> we talk with the church today about what happened, they cannot believe anybody would steal the truck,ca it was used for more than just just plow in the parking lot. >> pastor troy thompson from church on the north coast in lorain is trying to understand to why someone would steal the snow plow truck he says was taken from in front of the garageutr between tuesday and wednesday morning. >> was parked outside because we're in the middle of a building project for the ministries and we need to store stuff so everything is in the garage so we parked it outside . >> it appears that they try to get into the garage,p because the door handle was broken off, he says they spotted some conference and there is not any
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had access to the keys has been cleared. >> it was was an okay system, you could just basically anything in there and turn the ignition switch back kitchen idea what it looks like, an and older model 2,003 lakh and 4350, but to get is missing, the pastor says it was not just use more on the parking lot it was used for projects, but now that it does come it has to hold hvac we cannot afford to go beyond what we put ourselves in positionn to do for 2016 so we pray for a very light winter and the decimal then went to call in some reinforcements. >> he feel sorry for her but to get because they must be in a tough situation, he says that they agreed to return it they
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that he would like to help them. >> the bible tells us to pray for our our enemies and to love them and that's what we want to dov this back if you have information about this, call the lorain police department. >> it is a major storm, it has a life or death implications and older residents in district of columbia should treat it that way switch back along my major snowstorm on this coast, ain't about to get for about 50 million people on the east coast.on >> this endangers winterstorm is getting started, as welch joins us from washington dc. >> we have had a pretty mild winter untilil this point on the
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today, it has only started to come down, several hours ago, before this is finished on sunday we could see to have feet in washington dc . the rest for tens of thousands across the eastern seaboard of the way up to new york. >> parts of east coast could seek more than 2 feet of snow by sunday some will see some severe iceasay letting between drivers in danger, states of emergency have been had been declared on the east coast.tege >> it has life-and-death implications for the residents of the district of colombia. >> the blizzard warning affecting about 30 million people from baltimore to philadelphia,,ut to new york,, new
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home. >> unnecessary driving should be and wednesday off of the roadways. >> snow has started to pile up on roadways, north carolina has seen several fatal accidents. >> we ask everybody to be very careful and stay off the roads if you don't need to bert, there's been then spend some time with your family. >> long lines are forming at airports as traveler struggled to get ahead of the storm,fo at least 5,000 flights have been canceled,a including senator flights at some airports. columbia urging everybody everybody to be off the streets by 3:00 p.m., whileoly government offices were closed noon today, there are still a few people, a few stragglers, on the roads
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homey before tonight have winds sustained at 230 and in maryland gusting up to 65 mph . that's almost hurricane strength. >> i lived in north carolina for one year they were never ready for any kind of snowstorm, what can you tell us about the road crews and the readiness? >> i can tell you, on wednesday nightd there was a light dusting of snow fall in the city has taken a lot of flack for flak for the lack of preparation, they did not pretreat roads so that f dusting turned into hours of gridlock, the mayor has apologized and vowing to make up for that by trying to do their best before the storm hits .
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along the seaboard, . this is something that all of these cities in this area have been preparing for several days. >> hopefully they are ready and that people will hear the warnings and remain inside. >> that is the situation up and
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he showed me cleveland cavaliers , you just reach the halfway point of the season, they were zero and two against the golden state warriors, they were zero to one against the chicago bulls with a rematch tomorrow . they haveeme cjusine zelden nine straight victories over eastern conference opponents they won yesterday over the clippers at
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enough, with kevin love, lebron james encouraging to get the victories over some of the best teams in the nba, david blatt has been fireda as the head coach of the cavaliers and bring you the latest as it becomes available. we have missed this east coast storm. >> talk about life or death situation, and thankful that ha we're not in harms way and. >> most of us started today, some people were able to get out early and prepare, many people do not have to work so that will help with the cleanup, by sunday
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they will have about half a day to clean up before monday. >> were talking, almost 3 feet of snowfall in about 36 hours, it there is summarized ever to lake erie, after a very long and one december, did not have much, live from the winds from the northeast . the counterclockwise flow the winds winds the winds will become in custody tonight, tomorrow and some cloud cover w currently only affecting
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>> zoom into tuscarawas county, along 77, head towards west virginia and southern columbia county, just a few flurries . it will be it'll be moving east, northeast, we have these heavy snowbands with some blizzard conditions and areas with some ice in the carolinas and then worry about severe storms across the sunshine state . a large storm, blizzard warnings for delmarva, baltimore, dc, jersey and warnings in freezing rain advisories and the carolinas, the backlash will affect southern new england midday
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we are in for a quiet weekend, we can just could just kind of relaxed butst for those south and east, they have it, will be an active pattern next week for us with the clipper system, . so silo 20s, watching the
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flurries tomorrow, will be some gusty winds tomorrow will be a warming trend and the client on sunday lots of 20s and 30s on that screen fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. .. kentucky family has lived in the mountains for 200 years, now they struggle to stay on the
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tommy takes us inside the
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>> a feral clan tries to survive in the appalachian mountains, they are targeted by businessmen and they wgn america show outsiders. >> in the mountains of kentucky, this feral clan has lived 200 years, they don't take kindly to someone trying trying to take them off their land, the struggle is the basis for the outsiders.ff >> this is the most compelling script i have read in years, i said that i want to be with a guy. >> executive producer peter tolan cannot wait for the season premieres after putting together an all-star cast to tell the story including single squares david mossll.g >> something new about this, is going to appeal to all sorts of people. >> he be placed big foster, the leader of the feral clan, along
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played by ryan hurst. >> they don't have much contact with the outside world when they do it o set some trauma in the small town of blacksburg. >> i waited five months, but alas, it was surreal,, with, with david morse riding an atv andnd ryan hurst is behind him and they are bought in the store. >> like nothing you've seen on tv inin the region debbie dean america is allowing outsiders to go places that other shows have not.. >> surprisingly, david g. america wanted to take some big swings andw they continually pushed us. >> as the battle between the feral clan and the authorities tries to evict themnd from their home containing some of the outsider start to venture away
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drama begins ridgebackom it's good tv , no easy to latch onto and show this in a way that you have not seen >> in new york city with the outsiders, todd meanyny fox 8 news . >> it will premiere on tuesday general 26, 9:00 p.m. on wgn america. >> cameras rolling as things get heatedd when a customer tries to get money back from the food
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on breaking news, changes come to the cavaliers. >> the head coach david blatt
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is doing his due diligence with research, what about the replacement have heard that it is the assistant coach scott cannot confirm that he will take over as the head coach of the cavaliers, the cavaliers, he and the cavaliers have agreed to a multiyear deal according to reports but we cannot confirm that he will be the next head coach of the cavaliers . he is three-year deal with the cavaliers . s. part of the deal have taken over for david blatt according two yahoo sports, your psa top 8 assistant in the nba became from the clipperst, he left doc rivers to come to the cavaliers last year with david blatt, at that point,co he was the highest-paid assistant in the nba
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four-year contract, according two yahoo sports that is a multiyear deal with the cavaliers. the cavaliers have the third-best record in the nba, the lawyers, the spurs and the cavaliers the best record in the east with 30 and 11 have 11 have won eight of last 1011 they want to in a row after being blown out by the golden state warriors we will continue to follow this bring you the latest,nt tyronn lue takes over for david blatt as head coach of the >> that be something that led to the demise ? >> is zoisite talk about the correlation between the big three of lebron james, kevin love and kyrie irving, talk about thathr especially after they got blown out by the golden
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implementing this team, they traded for kevin love kevin love to help to lead the team to a championship,inin and then some thought felt he was not getting the properu implementation into the offense and maybe perhaps that was the straw that broke the broke the camel's back in terms of what showed up onca film warriors beat down by over 30 points . many speculations, as to what role of lebron james had ,, as anyone who said, for david blatt not get this done but we do not know, i do know that tyronn lue who lebron james trusted very much . look at the t game films, first person that he talked to on the benchms before he talks to david blatt was tyronn
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olde 8 couple months thank you pj for coverage of the firing of ri head coach david blatt. lee stolfo is picking up intensity, 6200 east coast flights have been canceled through tomorrow, washington, d.c. shut down the metro rail service, mrs. a look at the conditions in dc, forecasters for the weather service or have
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washington to philadelphia, to stay home . the top 2 feet, blizzard warnings in effect from washington, new york and new england could also see heavy snowfallu. >> parts of the south are not spared, snowfall and tennessee, virginia and north carolina, tennessee highway patrol describes the interstate is pure gridlockay, downtown nashville is totally shut down . at least five peoplele have been killed in stormin related crashes in kentucky tennessee and north carolina, they warn people warned people to stay off the roadsds. >> the storm is also affecting professional basketball and hockey,al nba postponed saturday's game between the 76ers and boston celtics in boston as well
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and wizards in washington, the nhl postponingel tonight's game in washington between the anaheim ducks and washington capitals . it will be a dangerous weekend for millions ofs east coast residents . they call this a, thank you for that, as we said before, we are happy to have our situation. we are lucky, we had a long december and so far has not been a bad winter it is good for the chamber of commerce. >> right now we have some clouds , there isis some ice carver geauga lake, because of the cold
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central sensual lake erie to the east,al to the west it is the shallow western basin so there is more ice, it can just as easily, break apart with temperatures warming up .e currently 25 cleveland below the average of 34 . demand is beginning to increase, it will be gusty tonight and tomorrow because of the storm, it is that far south and east clipped by the clockwise flowh allow winds in excess of 30 mph make you feel quite cold . when children between 10 and 15, and seven tuscarawas county is forever too, but mostly we are
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northeast wind they could bring some moisture, there is a snowband, in lorain county and cuyahoga county tonight . , new philadelphia up to 1 inch rest of us will be dry . tonight upper 20s, the rest of the 8 -day outlook coming up. >> chaos at a food counter, the new confrontation between customer and chinese restaurant employeesn goes viral, it happened inside tower city food court, as matt wright obtained ob the video and spoke with both sides. >> the fight got out of hand quickly over a 2-dollar cup of
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money back and sue both sides were yelling and the soup went flying. >> restaurant manager says that's tower city security showed up after this ended it happened wednesday, said he stopped on his way to work to work at the q. said there was soup ,, after he requested and got money back, then they cut the soup was thrown at him, and then the couple chased after him with a pot of soup at hand and then hit him near the tower city movie theater, both sides agree it should have been handled differently.
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handled differently, i feel like that they were the aggressors, they took it to that level, i just want my $2.2 go back to work houston security showed up afterwards, he says he will call them first next time, eric says he won't go their again, the video has been viewed more than 100,000 times. the video began after the confrontation started, he said that he heard the argument and pulled out his cell phone and then it just escalated there was a problem of the language barrier and then it became
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coach david blatt of the cavaliers fired. >> p.j. ziegler, is here, would what else can you tell us about this sudden removal of david blatt? >> they can get out of left field, came after they beat the la clippers at home, and then, vision for the rematch with the chicago bulls . through the
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-- very grateful to have the opportunity to serve as the head coach of the cavaliers want to thanktyty dan gilbert and david griffith to give me this chance in and to work with players, lebron james, kyrie irving and kevin love and the entire roster express my gratitude to the coaching staff i am indebted to them for theirir hard work loyalty and friendship, . i wish they had coached head coach nothing but the best is season and beyondy, david blatt, 83 and 40 as the head coach of the cavaliersbl during the regular seasoneg led them to the finals of the first season and the best record in the eastern conference at 30 and 11, halfway through this year,0 tyronn lue the assistant takes over as coach for david blatt who has been
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soon top of the east cost blizzard o. >> from virginia we've got this cool video, another to love your stivarga about a leaf blower, massively fluffy enough but is a pretty good way, he makes his way down the stairs . he has s some snow on the issues, but you have snow on your shoes, you stop, andur you blow it off with the leaf blower, they can be multitasking, it is a funny thing thing to look at . we will have a quiet weekend but not the
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the temperatures are in the 20 s with the winds gusting because of the windchill dropping down between 10 and 15, even if you snow showers affecting tuscarawas county and holmes county, but for most of us we will be completely untouched by the storm system, there will be severe storms the south to miami, warnings to delmarva, and even some freezing rain advisory . it will be effective southern new england have beenla doing all that, carolinas baltimore dc philadelphia, hopefully they will have enough time to clear
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>> in virginia, west virginia, and maryland could see 30 inches snowfall, at least 24 inches in many areasat and for us tonight, will be cloudy, a northeast wind component could pick up some snow showers from lake erie . tomorrow, some sunshine, it looks like pittsburgh will get only about three days 6 inches their not really not really on the heart of the storm and isal moving
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petronius, blends active,, the next real chance of snowfall tuesday in 20s and 30s for for the highest end one-day will be close to 40. the idea behind a new feature at a minnesota school, the students have a choice to sit at at a normal desk or stand up, in the back of the classroom classroom is a few standing desks, at first i want to use them but over the past few weeks
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they do not come cheap the cost $500 each right now they have just five school hopes to buy a few more.. >> someone would say sports superstar, it is the fanss ask
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pro football football player won away from the supposed the supposed respect they have employed inse paperback, ariel jackson was waiting outside the past practice and to meet him, he met him also gave him a pine wood derby car, he purple flare asked jackson to autograph it, and returnsk gave him his gloves,
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. ruler amazed that he took the time to focus on jackson . he said, i get this get this and you get this intricate piece and he gave me the practice clubs. >> said that he would put the car in his locker, the panthers beat the seahawks last week so it must bepat be good like. >> you can see if it brings the panthers good luckbr, find out when they face the panthers in the nfc championship came on fox 8 with coverage, 6:00 p.m.
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the cavaliers have the best
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head coach david blatt. >> it is the top story, p.j. ziegler has some latebreaking information .. look at a graphic on google,o the coaches and nba history, david blatt is first in percent makes people wonder what happened. >> he had the had the highest percentage of any coach who has been fireded in nba history. >> that set the stage, as david blatt was fired as the head coach after leadingth them to a 30 -- 11 record . and a finals appearance last year, assistant coach tyronn lue will take over
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